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Podcast > Monday, 26 May 2014 20:02:40 EST

Dumbass Podcast 17: Ghostly Weeping Bullets of DEATH

Keywords: ghosts, paranormal, historical, supernatural

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I answer some criticisms on my position on grammar, and look at some "true" tales of the paranormal.

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Podcast > Tuesday, 29 May 2012 20:53:05 EST

Dumbass Podcast 12: Psychic Purgery

Keywords: psychics, paranormal

The episode where we learn how to fake psychic guessing powers!

End Of Segment 1 (Intro ):10:18

Links/Topics Mentioned In The Show
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The Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast
The Skeprechauns Podcast
Stuart Robbins' Exposing Pseudoastronomy Podcast
The Dumbass Review Episode 1: Green Lantern TAS
The Dumbass Media Empire Website
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Charles InSanDiego's Solution:
I see another pattern in the image If you classify the vehicles as "wheel" and "Non-wheel", and read across the lines, you get:


Seems pretty non-random to me.

Paranormal Fakery:

Enjoy the show!  Here's the transcript:
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Podcast > Sunday, 13 November 2011 01:28:05 EST

Dumbass Podcast 9: The Psychic Detective

Keywords: paranormal, aliens, ancient alien theory, historical

In this episode, I announce my new Invisible Sky Monster podcast, examine the case of a so-called Psychic Detective from the 30's, and answer some listener comments.

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The Invisible Sky Monster Podcast
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Contemporary Newspaper Articles Of The Bombings
Information On The Milwaukee News
Invisible Sky Monster Show Page With Mac Spoof Videos
The Evidence For Ancient Stone Cutting
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Images Referenced
Cover Of Strange People By Frank Edwards
Comparing Antarctica To Ancient Depictions
Other Golden Figures Claimed To Be Jets, But Clearly Animals
Medieval Depiction Of A Sea Monster, Probably Based On Description Of A Whale


Enjoy the show!  Here's the transcript:
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Podcast > Sunday, 24 July 2011 16:10:44 EST

Dumbass Podcast 7: Nightmare Island

Keywords: historical, paranormal, ancient alien theory, aliens

In this episode, I have some bonding moments with my new friends in the skeptical community.  Then I take a look at the tale of a mysterious nightmare that predicted a disaster.  And finally I answer my fans and critics by looking at emails and comments.

Links/Topics Mentioned In The Show
LSAT Logic In Everyday Life
Warning Radio
Mike Bohler's Blog
Friend Of Reason
The Preacher And The Skeptic
Planet Japan Podcast
The Conspiracy Skeptic
Committee For The Advancement Of Scientific Skepticism
Peter Popoff Video
Searchable Archive Of The Boston Globe
Melly's First Comment
Mellys Second Comment
Daybreaker's Comment
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Enjoy the show!  Here's the transcript:
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Criticism > Friday, 15 July 2011 14:20:10 EST

Are You A Wanderer? Take The Test!

Keywords: aliens, paranormal

I've been looking through paranormal type books trying to find interesting quotes for my next podcast.  In my search, I've found something that's not suitable for a quick quotation, but is definitely worthwhile posting.

If you listened to my appearance on Karl Mamer's Conspiracy Skeptic podcast, you'll remember that I found an interesting quiz to see if you were descended from aliens.  I kind of made fun of it for having questions that could apply to a very broad range of people.  Well, I found a quiz on a similar topic that takes it a step further.  It's hilarious to look through these questions and just notice that many of them apply to pretty much everybody on the planet - or at least to the ways that they probably see themselves.  The rest of the questions are so specifically targeted to the kind of person who's likely to read this book that it's pretty much a self selected sample.

I got this quiz from the book "A Wanderer's Handbook" by Carla Rueckert, but apparently it's reprinted from the book "Universal Vision: Soul Evolution And The Cosmic Plan" by Scott Manedlker .  As far as I understand it, a wanderer is somebody whose soul is from another planet.  Through hypnotic therapy they've managed to regain memories of their lives on other worlds.  Here's the quiz, answer for each either Yes, Somewhat, or No:
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Musings > Saturday, 2 July 2011 10:25:13 EST

90's Paranormal Mystery Mongering!

Keywords: paranormal

Hey, guess what I just found at my local Dollarama?

Unexplained Mysteries DVD Set

Score!!  Paranormal programming from back before it was all taken over by the reality TV format!  There should be some great material for the blog in there!

Back then they didn't feel like they had to do some sort of BS investigation where they walk around in spooky settings and jump at every noise they hear.  Nope!  It was purely an exercise in making unsubstantiated claims and filming hokey re-enactments!

This is going to be fun!
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Podcast > Thursday, 21 April 2011 21:12:07 EST

Dumbass Podcast #5: The Ghost Cavalry Of World War I

Keywords: paranormal, historical, book, aliens, ancient alien theory

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In this episode, I yammer on a bit about myself, talk about the case of a ghost cavalry from WWI, and make a new recommendation in the Dumbass book club.

Links Mentioned In The Show:
My Unfinished Seasilver Website
Captain Hayward's Letter
R. Dewitt Miller's Account Of The Ghost Cavalry Story
The Battle Of Bethune
Operation Georgette
Portugal In World War I
The German Spring Offensive
The Angel Of Mons
The British-Israel-World-Federation
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The Drunkard's Walk Audiobook
Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me Audiobook
The Invisible Gorilla Audiobook
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The Exquisite Truth Ep 1
The Exquisite Truth Ep 2
The Exquisite Truth Ep 3
The Exquisite Truth Ep 4
The Exquisite Truth Ep 5
The Exquisite Truth Ep 6
The Exquisite Truth Ep 7

Images Referenced (Also Embedded In The Transcript Text)
Golden Flyer Compared To Jet Airplane Model
The Other Popular Jet Candidate
Logo Of The Ancient Astronaut Society
Some Of The Other Jet Candidates, Clearly Animals
The Jet Model Golden Flyer

Enjoy the show!  Here's the transcript:
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Criticism > Thursday, 24 March 2011 13:19:19 EST

More Insight Into That "Fact Or Faked" Show

Keywords: paranormal, video

I've been talking with some people about this show, and there seems to be a little bit of a division of opinion.  Some people think that it's at least a step in the right direction, in that they do actually solve some paranormal phenomena.  On the other hand, many people feel that the show's often shoddy methods, as well as their willingness to just call something paranormal if they can't explain it, override any good that the show does by solving cases.

I'm leaning towards the latter, but I was curious as to what Ben Radford thought, so I sent him an email.  He called my attention to a video created by his fellow Monster Talk host Blake Smith (a.k.a Doctor Atlantis), who analyzed footage from another episode of the show:

So a guy sitting at his computer was able to solve this mystery more effectively than a group of "professional investigators" who actually went out and investigated.  They weren't able to replicate the video, and concluded that it's probably paranormal.

Good stuff.  But I also ran across this article by Ben's other Monster Talk co-host Karen Stollznow.  Apparently, a group of skeptics faked a paranormal video as a promotion, and they were contacted by the people at Fact or Faked:

Along came John Maas, producer of Fact or Faked. Scouting for paranormal footage online, Maas and his staff discovered the video and thought it perfect “evidence” for an episode of the show. But the footage wasn’t fantastic enough. Without ever asking if the footage was fact or faked, Maas asked the group to re-film the scene to emphasize that no string or magnets were used, but… to also show the planchette moving more dramatically across the board. The producer of Fact or Faked was asking the group to fake the video.

That just leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it?  I was willing to give these guys the benefit of the doubt before and assume that their shoddy investigation of those lights in the sky was due to incompetence.

I did wonder if they faked the video, but I didn't want to make that accusation right up front.  Now that I have evidence of the show's shady methods, however, I think it's reasonable to strongly suspect that they actively faked that video of the moving light.

It does seem quite convenient that they caught something on the one night that they just happened to show up, doesn't it?

Of course, this isn't proof that the video was faked.  It could very well be that there's some common atmospheric phenomenon that would reliably generate these kinds of effects, and that you'd stand a good chance of spotting it on any random night.

But to me, this evidence of the show's culture of deception seriously impedes my ability to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Whenever they happen to capture what they claim is evidence of the paranormal, I'm going to have to seriously wonder whether they're dealing honestly or just faking stuff.
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Analysis > Monday, 14 March 2011 05:03:19 EST

Paranormal Investigation Done Right... And Wrong.

Keywords: paranormal, aliens, video

I came across this interesting looking show the other week, and it looked like it would be a great opportunity to record it to my computer so that I could analyze it at my leisure and see what I have to say about it. 

The show is called Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files

Fact Or Faked Logo

In concept, this is very much the kind of television programming I'd like to see more of.  This is a group of six investigators gathered together by a former FBI agent in order to investigate paranormal claims.  This stalwart band of paranormal sleuths is introduced during the opening credits as follows:

Ben: Former FBI Agent
Bill: Lead Scientist
Jael: Journalist
Larry: Effects Specialist
Chi-Lan: Photography Expert
Austin: Stunt Expert

I'm a little concerned by the "Lead Scientist" designation for Bill.  Without any more information, calling somebody a "Lead Scientist" is absolutely meaningless.  What's his expertise? What are his credentials? 

I looked up Bill's bio on the Fact or Fake website:
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Musings > Sunday, 10 October 2010 18:16:48 EST

To Reveal Or Not To Reveal?

Keywords: epistemology, video, paranormal

I just watched the following video from TAM 7 of a panel on the intersection of magic and skepticism:

One of the questions discussed was that of whether magic tricks should be revealed in order to show people how they can be fooled.  They didn't really resolve the issue, and the panel wasn't set up to really have a good argument about that.  But some interesting points were raised and it's been going through my mind.

James Randi is a known proponent of showing people the trick but not telling them how it's done.  He believes that this is the best way to convince people that they can be fooled.  He believes that telling people the trick will leave them overconfident in cases where con men use a different method.

This is a valid concern.  In the panel they used the term "half smart" in order to describe the phenomenon.    If we're trying to spread critical thinking, we don't want to leave people only half smart, overconfident and unprepared for different methods than the one they've been told about.  But I think there's more to this issue that needs to be considered.
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