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Analysis > Saturday, 15 May 2010 20:36:53 EST

The Evidence For Ancient Spaceflight

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory, conspiracy, historical

Time to tackle the next section of evidence presented in episode 1 of Ancient Aliens!

Ancient Aliens Logo

It's another 10 minutes dealing with the kind of evidence that these guys find compelling as reasons to believe that ancient man was visited by beings from the stars.

If you haven't already, go ahead and read my review of the first 13 minutes, which looks at their evidence for ancient flying machines.

And if you're all caught up, then let's get started!
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Analysis > Saturday, 1 May 2010 22:22:57 EST

The Evidence For Ancient Flight

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory, conspiracy, historical

I just came across a history channel documentary called "Ancient Aliens".  It seemed like it would be something fun to watch and laugh at, so I have a saved recording of Episode 1: The Evidence.

I just watched the first 13 minutes which deals with the possibility of ancient flight, after which it moves on to ancient forms of space travel.  I just thought to myself "Hell, this first segment is pretty much enough material for me to write a good sized blog post about!", so here I am.

Ancient Aliens

Let's take a look at the evidence that ancient people possessed the power of flight... possibly given to them by... ALIENS!!!!
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Musings > Sunday, 18 April 2010 18:05:24 EST

Where's The Substance?

Keywords: paranormal, historical, book

I wanted this posting to be another analysis of a tale from Nightmare Island, similar to my last two (here, and here).  I'd set myself the task of researching the tale of Arthur Price Roberts, a "Psychic Detective" from the 30's.

The problem is that while those first two stories contained details that could be checked and easily researched, trying to find information about this psychic detective is like trying to grasp a cloud.  The effort has left me with more questions than answers.

But I think that questions are important, and this case illustrates the need for critical scrutiny, and how important it is to provide sources for the claims that you make, especially when the claims are extraordinary in nature.

And this story is pretty extraordinary.

The ESP Detective

It's  a strange thing. You'd think that for the most publicized and authenticated case of a psychic detective available, it would be easy to find..... well, publications or authentications.

But before we get into that, let's review the story of Mr. Roberts and what he is supposed to have accomplished:
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Analysis > Tuesday, 16 March 2010 20:01:55 EST

Another Tale From Nightmare Island: Ghost Cavalry

Keywords: paranormal, historical, book

Last month I wrote a blog post analyzing the title story from the book Nightmare Island:

Nightmare Island

Today I've picked out another "Real-Life Mystery" from the book, The Ghost Cavalry!

Ghost Cavalry

Sounds juicy!  And it's reported by a "highly trained observer" no less, so it must be credible, right??  Well, we'll see...
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Analysis > Friday, 26 February 2010 03:12:05 EST


Keywords: paranormal, historical, book

I came across this interesting looking book recently:

Nightmare Island Book Cover

It's a book on paranormal phenomena written for a young audience.  It was written in 1993 by Jim Razzi, and contains a collection of stories of "unexplained" phenomena.  The book introduces itself as follows:

It sounds impossible, but everything in this book really happened.  The events you will read about here defy explanation.  You cannot come up with logical reasons for why they occurred.  You may not even believe they are true.  But they have all been reported by reliable witnesses.  In many cases, they have factual evidence to back them up.
   Believe it or not, strange things don't happen only in the imagination.  Real life is full of mysteries that no one has been able to solve.  But see for yourself....

I cannot come up with logical reasons for why they occurred??  That sounds like a challenge to me!  I wholeheartedly accept!

This book looks like it will provide some fun stories to analyze and research.  I'll start off with the title story, Nightmare Island:

Nightmare Island Story Picture
SYNOPSIS: Can a nightmare come true?  You might not think so.  But if Byron Somes were still alive, he would have to disagree with you.
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