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Podcast > Monday, 30 May 2011 19:09:56 EST

Dumbass Podcast #6: Ancient Aliens Part 3

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory, conspiracy, historical, book

In this episode, I make some new friends in the skeptical podcast and blogging community, I take a look at more claims from ancient aliens theorists, answer some comments, and recommend a book in the Dumbass Book Club

Links/Topics Mentioned In The Show
The CDC's Warning About The Zombie Apocalypse
LSAT Logic In Everyday Life
Warning Radio
Mike Bohler's Blog
Friend Of Reason
The Preacher And The Skeptic
Planet Japan Podcast
The Kebra Nagast
Text Of The Kebra Nagast
History Of Depictions Of Antarctica
Orontius Finnaeus
Map Projections
Blumrich's Measurements
Special Audible Free Trial Deal
Charlattan by Pope Brock
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Images Referenced (Also Embedded In Transcript Text)
Map Of Monte Alban
Cover Of Blumrich's Book
Depiction Of Ezekiel Craft In Temple

Enjoy the show!  Here's the transcript:
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Podcast > Thursday, 21 April 2011 21:12:07 EST

Dumbass Podcast #5: The Ghost Cavalry Of World War I

Keywords: paranormal, historical, book, aliens, ancient alien theory

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In this episode, I yammer on a bit about myself, talk about the case of a ghost cavalry from WWI, and make a new recommendation in the Dumbass book club.

Links Mentioned In The Show:
My Unfinished Seasilver Website
Captain Hayward's Letter
R. Dewitt Miller's Account Of The Ghost Cavalry Story
The Battle Of Bethune
Operation Georgette
Portugal In World War I
The German Spring Offensive
The Angel Of Mons
The British-Israel-World-Federation
Audible Free Trial Special Deal
The Drunkard's Walk Audiobook
Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me Audiobook
The Invisible Gorilla Audiobook
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The Exquisite Truth Ep 1
The Exquisite Truth Ep 2
The Exquisite Truth Ep 3
The Exquisite Truth Ep 4
The Exquisite Truth Ep 5
The Exquisite Truth Ep 6
The Exquisite Truth Ep 7

Images Referenced (Also Embedded In The Transcript Text)
Golden Flyer Compared To Jet Airplane Model
The Other Popular Jet Candidate
Logo Of The Ancient Astronaut Society
Some Of The Other Jet Candidates, Clearly Animals
The Jet Model Golden Flyer

Enjoy the show!  Here's the transcript:
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Analysis > Monday, 14 March 2011 05:03:19 EST

Paranormal Investigation Done Right... And Wrong.

Keywords: paranormal, aliens, video

I came across this interesting looking show the other week, and it looked like it would be a great opportunity to record it to my computer so that I could analyze it at my leisure and see what I have to say about it. 

The show is called Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files

Fact Or Faked Logo

In concept, this is very much the kind of television programming I'd like to see more of.  This is a group of six investigators gathered together by a former FBI agent in order to investigate paranormal claims.  This stalwart band of paranormal sleuths is introduced during the opening credits as follows:

Ben: Former FBI Agent
Bill: Lead Scientist
Jael: Journalist
Larry: Effects Specialist
Chi-Lan: Photography Expert
Austin: Stunt Expert

I'm a little concerned by the "Lead Scientist" designation for Bill.  Without any more information, calling somebody a "Lead Scientist" is absolutely meaningless.  What's his expertise? What are his credentials? 

I looked up Bill's bio on the Fact or Fake website:
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Podcast > Monday, 28 February 2011 00:00:56 EST

Dumbass Podcast #4: Ancient Aliens Part 2

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Analysis > Monday, 7 February 2011 18:29:28 EST

The Limits Of Expertise

Keywords: epistemology, historical, video, aliens, ancient alien theory

I've mused before about how to think about expertise.  The experts are more likely to have their facts straight, so when an expert gives you a fact you should certainly take it seriously.  But even when people have all their facts straight, they can still be wrong in their conclusions.  That's why I don't have a problem with people questioning the experts.  Even if you're wrong, I believe there's a benefit to bringing up these kind of challenges.  It's just when people aren't willing to listen to the rebuttals and understand what's being said that things get out of hand.

I just came across a perfect example about how expert, in-depth knowledge of a subject, is no guarantee that your conclusions are in any way valid.  I've transcribed a quote from Michael Heisser, who actually gave a very good speech debunking the claims of ancient alien theorist Zechariah Sitchin.  Sitchin makes claims to be an expert on ancient languages and to have made some incredible translations.  Heisser, who actually is an expert in ancient languages, shows quite clearly that Sitchin is just full of it.  But that doesn't mean that Heisser doesn't have poorly thought out ideas about the subject himself, as shown by the following quote from the question and answer segment:

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Criticism > Wednesday, 26 January 2011 12:27:16 EST

Another Round Of This?

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory

Tsoukalos announced on the 21st that the History channel has decided to order sixteen more episodes to make up season 3 of the Ancient Aliens series.  Its' scheduled to come out in late spring of 2011.  Wow!

Each time I do an analysis of the show it takes me several days of work just to cover all the claims made in one ten minute segment of the program.  Most of it is stuff that people just pulled out of thin air, but unlike Tsoukalos, I actually believe in due diligence and getting all my facts straight.

So, of course, they've got all these claims floating out there unanswered, and nobody on the other side has the time or resources to tackle them all one at a time.  I'm certainly not going to attempt to exhaustively analyze every single show in the series.  Just the one is enough of a handful!

And it's extremely funny when you hear that the History Channel has rejected a documentary about the Kenedy's because it was counter-factual.  Yep, that's a double standard alright!  But what do you expect?  More people are going to complain loudly when they lie about the Kenedies.  When Ancient Aliens comes on, we just grumble and make smart-ass comments.

Not that we should get angry and complain more loudly, that will just make us look like we've got a stick up our collective asses.  It's just disheartening to watch them continue to distort history willy nilly and get away with it scott free.
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Podcast > Thursday, 6 January 2011 12:32:20 EST

Dumbass Podcast #3: The Importance Of Definitions

Keywords: statistics, concern about children, nutrition, study, bad reporting, aliens, ancient alien theory, conspiracy, historical, book

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In this episode of The Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge podcast, I do a little reflecting on my experience since creating this podcast, and I do some analysis on my interview with Karl Mamer on his podcast, The Conspiracy Skeptic.  Then I read an article I wrote all about definitions and how they can be misapplied.  Finally, I start up the Dumbass Book Club, and I take a look at visitor comments.

Links Mentioned In The Show:
The Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast
Skeptic North
The IALLS Literacy Test
The Audible 14 Day Trial Deal
The Invisible Gorilla Audiobook
The Ancient Flight Comments Section
Star Wars And Anomaly Hunting
Melody's Blog
Jonathan Coulton's Music

I hope you guys enjoy the podcast!  Here's the transcript:
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Online Viewing Recommendations > Sunday, 19 December 2010 22:04:50 EST

Crystal Skulls

Keywords: video, ancient alien theory, aliens, historical

You've got to love the crystal skulls.  They're little skulls that started showing up only in the past 100 - 200 years or so.  They've never actually been discovered by any documented archaeological dig, they seem to just be sold to tourists for fun.  But that doesn't stop people from claiming without any evidence that they're ancient in origin:

I'm not aware of these myths of crystal skulls among ancient people, I'd really like to know where that's coming from.  But I love this idea that there are 13 skulls hidden in remote and hazardous areas of the earth waiting until mankind is ready to discover them. That's the plot of a movie right there!

They love to just make up stuff and hope that nobody notices.  For example, they say that the famous Mitchell-Hedges skull was verified as being over 12,000 years old by scientists at the Hewlett-Packard labs.  The skull was brought to the lab, but the scientists never did any tests to determine it's age.  All they found out was that the skull was all made from the same piece of crystal.

So they can truthfully say that they took it in for scientific testing, then fib about the results hoping that nobody would look into it too deeply.

The crystal skulls are really one area where proponents really don't have a single shred of evidence to go on.  All they manage to come up with is speculation.  I mean, they claim that if you put them together they'll form a computer?  That didn't come from any evidence, that's just something that some guy pulled out of thin air!

It's an entertaining theory though, so at least it's got that going for it.  Good fiction should ideally be entertaining, after all.
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Podcast > Wednesday, 8 December 2010 03:14:38 EST

Dumbass Podcast #2: Ancient Aliens Part 1

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory, conspiracy, historical

So, for my second episode of the Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge podcast, I decided to go over the material from my first article on ancient aliens.  Consider this to be the newly revised and updated version of that article, now with accompanying audio.

I think it turned out alright.  Take a listen and judge for yourself:

Episode 2: Ancient Aliens Part 1

I won't do all the ancient alien shows in a row.  I'll intersperse them with my other articles.  But I'm pretty happy with the way that my articles on this subject have turned out so I'll keep on coming back to it.

Anyway, here's the show transcript:
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Analysis > Friday, 19 November 2010 03:00:35 EST

The Evidence For Ancient Stone Cutting

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory, conspiracy, historical

My analysis of the Ancient Aliens television show so far has garnered the most attention of anything that I've written.  My thanks to everybody who's written in to encourage me in my efforts, and even to the people who've challenged me in the comment sections.  I love all the feedback, even when it doesn't feed my ravenous dumbass ego.

I figured that it was high time that I rolled up my sleeves and tackled the next segment of the Ancient Aliens evidence show.  This is my fifth article sequentially analyzing the show itself, and I've written several other related articles.  If you're interested in seeing everything I've written on the subject, click on the "ancient alien theory" keyword above.  Click here to watch the show, and you can decide for yourself whether I'm being fair in my analysis.

In this segment, we'll be talking about the art of ancient stone cutting, and the claims made by proponents of Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens Logo

I would like to give special thanks to Yannis Deliyannis, a historian who has spent over a decade looking at Ancient Alien claims.  I've mentioned Yannis' blog before, Chronicon Mirabilium, where he looks at ancient anomalous celestial phenomena and mysterious history.  Yannis was nice enough to take the time to answer some of my questions and point me to some great resources that really helped me put this article together more quickly than would have otherwise been possible.

I would also like to thank Susan Johnston, archaeologist and anthropologist at George Washington University.  Professor Johnston is the lecturer in a lecture series called "Myths and Mysteries in Archaeology", check out
this podcast episode from Modern Scholar where she discusses archaeology and her new course.  She was nice enough to take the time to talk with me over email and help me to consider different perspectives from which to tackle the claims that I've been looking at.

But now let's get into the meat of the matter.
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