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Announcements > Wednesday, 5 January 2011 12:42:12 EST

Happy Birthday To The Dumbasses Guide!

The Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge is one year old this week!  I resolved at the beginning of January to finally set up the website and participate more in the Skeptical community, and promptly began working on some articles and finalizing the website's setup.  I posted my first entries on the 6th, which is tomorrow, though I waited a few days until I had a few articles under my belt before making the website public.  I just looked over the graph of unique visits throughout the year and I like what I see:

2010 Unique Visitors Graph

I think the large increase in August was due to the fact that I discovered Reddit and began posting my favourite articles there, and once those ran out it settled down a bit.  Possibly the end of summer vacation played a role in the drop from September to October as well.

Of course, this is just my post-hoc rationalizations.  It's hard to know exactly what causes trends from month to month.  I'm a little more at a loss to explain the big jump in November.  Perhaps people just liked my latest Ancient Aliens article on stone cutting

In any case, it's the general trend that matters, and it's gratifying to see that the general trend is, in fact, upwards.  My thanks to everybody who visits on a regular basis, it's good to know that the work I put into this website is appreciated.

I'm working on a new podcast episode, and I'm about halfway done.  It looks like this episode will be about 40 minutes.  I decided to do some extra stuff in addition to reading out one of my articles, so for those of you who've already read all my stuff and don't care to hear it over again, you can just skip that part.

I will be doing a post game analysis of my interview with Karl Mamer on his podcast The Conspiracy Skeptic, then I'll read my article on the importance of definitions.  After that, I'll make a book recommendation in the Dumbasses Book Club, and I will look at visitor comments and emails, especially those regarding the topic of the last podcast episode on Ancient Aliens.

That should be out sometime in the next few days.  I hope you guys enjoy it!


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