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Crystal Skulls

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You've got to love the crystal skulls.  They're little skulls that started showing up only in the past 100 - 200 years or so.  They've never actually been discovered by any documented archaeological dig, they seem to just be sold to tourists for fun.  But that doesn't stop people from claiming without any evidence that they're ancient in origin:

I'm not aware of these myths of crystal skulls among ancient people, I'd really like to know where that's coming from.  But I love this idea that there are 13 skulls hidden in remote and hazardous areas of the earth waiting until mankind is ready to discover them. That's the plot of a movie right there!

They love to just make up stuff and hope that nobody notices.  For example, they say that the famous Mitchell-Hedges skull was verified as being over 12,000 years old by scientists at the Hewlett-Packard labs.  The skull was brought to the lab, but the scientists never did any tests to determine it's age.  All they found out was that the skull was all made from the same piece of crystal.

So they can truthfully say that they took it in for scientific testing, then fib about the results hoping that nobody would look into it too deeply.

The crystal skulls are really one area where proponents really don't have a single shred of evidence to go on.  All they manage to come up with is speculation.  I mean, they claim that if you put them together they'll form a computer?  That didn't come from any evidence, that's just something that some guy pulled out of thin air!

It's an entertaining theory though, so at least it's got that going for it.  Good fiction should ideally be entertaining, after all.


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