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Illustrating Anomaly Hunting With Star Wars

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Conspiracy theories hit you fast and hard with all sorts of facts and inconsistencies that the theorists believe all point to one inevitable conclusion.  When I hear this, I recognize the hallmarks of anomaly hunting.

But what is anomaly hunting?  I throw the term out there, but it's one of those concepts that's hard to explain to people in ways that hammers home what it is and why it's a form of poor reasoning. 

There's an article that illustrates the concept much better than any technical description that I could give, and it's titled Uncomfortable Questions: Was The Death Star Attack An Inside Job?

It's basically taking the well known story line of Star Wars and doing anomaly hunting on it, finding "connections" to draw their conclusions that the destruction of the Death Star was, in fact, an inside job.

For example, isn't it strange that the Grand Moff Tarkin didn't deploy any of the station's TIE fighters until the "rebels" were in position and it was too late, even though he had plenty of opportunity foil their plans?  Isn't it strange that Darth Vader was conveniently outside of the Death Star when it exploded, when there was absolutely no reason for it?  Don't you find it odd that the droids who supposedly delivered the information that brought down the Death Star were once owned by Darth Vader himself?   And what of these reports that the rebel who blew up the Death Star was actually Darth Vader's son! 

And there's plenty more "evidence" that the destruction of the Death Star was, in fact, an inside job.  Read the article and see if you don't agree that this is just the type of anomaly hunting that conspiracy theorists do to come to conclusions that don't, in fact, actually represent what really happened.


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