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Are You A Wanderer? Take The Test!

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I've been looking through paranormal type books trying to find interesting quotes for my next podcast.  In my search, I've found something that's not suitable for a quick quotation, but is definitely worthwhile posting.

If you listened to my appearance on Karl Mamer's Conspiracy Skeptic podcast, you'll remember that I found an interesting quiz to see if you were descended from aliens.  I kind of made fun of it for having questions that could apply to a very broad range of people.  Well, I found a quiz on a similar topic that takes it a step further.  It's hilarious to look through these questions and just notice that many of them apply to pretty much everybody on the planet - or at least to the ways that they probably see themselves.  The rest of the questions are so specifically targeted to the kind of person who's likely to read this book that it's pretty much a self selected sample.

I got this quiz from the book "A Wanderer's Handbook" by Carla Rueckert, but apparently it's reprinted from the book "Universal Vision: Soul Evolution And The Cosmic Plan" by Scott Manedlker .  As far as I understand it, a wanderer is somebody whose soul is from another planet.  Through hypnotic therapy they've managed to regain memories of their lives on other worlds.  Here's the quiz, answer for each either Yes, Somewhat, or No:

Your Childhood
1. Did you often think, dream, or fantasize about ET's, UFO's, and other worlds?
2. Did you feel like ordinary things around you were somehow strange, like the human body, the color of the sky, trees and nature, human architecture, and adults?
3. Did you ever feel as if your parents were not your real parents, that you had a missing brother or sister, or a home some place far away?
4. Did you have magical dreams of flying, invisible spirit friends, or receiving special guidance and protection?
5. Did you look up at the night sky with longing, and sometimes say: “Take me home … Why am I here?” or ask “Why am I so alone?”

Your Personality
6. Are you kind, gentle, peaceful, and non-aggressive—not just sometimes, but almost always?
7. Are you hurt, saddened, and confused by all the human evil and cruelty in the world?
8. Do you feel that money, possessions, and a successful career are not really that important?
9. Do you sometimes feel more comfortable with plants and animals than with people?
10. Are you generally sensitive, considerate, generous, and concerned about others around you?
11. Have you felt different, out-of-place, or somewhat alienated from human society all your life?
12. Have you had dreams, visions, or sightings of UFOs that inspired real spiritual growth?
13. Have you had dramatic dreams of Earth changes, geological and social upheaval, the end of the world, or future civilization?
14. Are you logical, scientific, non-emotional, and somewhat confused by hot passion and desire?
15. Have you had a clear and uplifting contact with benevolent, kind, and highly-evolved ETs?

Your Interests
16. Are you interested in science fiction, epic fantasy, angels, high-technology, and world prophecy?
17. Are you interested in Atlantis, Lemuria, channeling, pyramids, New Age ideas and UFOs?
18. Are you interested in meditation, alternative healing, or bringing love and light to the world?
19. Do you believe human society is ignorant of the spiritual truths that you know to be true?
20. Do you have a strong sense of purpose and feel that your mission is to help Earth and humanity?

Scoring Your ET Identity
For each YES answer, give yourself 5 points and then total your score.
(For every “somewhat” answer, give yourself 3 points.)
100-75 points:
In my view, you definitely are an ET soul, but perhaps you are not surprised!
75-25 points:
You may or may not be a Star Person, and you need more reflection to know
for sure.
25-00 points:
You probably are not an ET soul, but why are you interested in these matters?

For the record, I scored a 79.  Clearly I'm going to be contacted by the mothership any day now!

Some of the questions I answered "Yes" to, but I didn't mean it in the same way as they were intended.  Like question 19 - yes I believe human society is ignorant of the spiritual truths (truth about spiritual claims) that I know. Specifically the truth that these claims don't have any basic in logic or fact.

Or questions 17 and 18 - yes I'm very interested in those things, but I don't believe that they're true.

Notice how if you don't score high on the test, the suggestion is that you probably shouldn't be interested in these matters.  She says several times that if you're reading this book, you're probably drawn towards the topic because you're actually a wanderer.  It's a pretty solid way of assuring confirmation of the theory, don't you think?

Anyway, score yourself and let me know how you did!


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