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Criticism > Monday, 4 July 2011 18:04:39 EST

The Irony Maven

Keywords: health, alternative medicine

Don't you just love it when the alternative health crowd makes it really easy to make fun of them?

I was just googling myself - or more accurately my blog - when I came across this post on a website called Health Maven:

Those of you who regularly read my blog will notice that the image they used is of Sherry Seethaler's book "Lies, Damned Lies, and Science", which is particularly ironic because Seethaler is quite a vocal advocate for science and critical thinking.  That image is actually taken directly from my website, probably found through a Google image search.  Whoever this "Health Maven" is didn't bother to even look up the book before posting it.

But it doesn't end there, because the quote below is marvelous!  It's apparently taken from a longer article on another website, apparently this post was merely to highlight that other article.  Who the hell has ever argued that mercury is good for us, that cell phones prevent brain disorders, or that plutonium boosts human health?

Wait a minute, I think that last one has a ring of truth to it.  Weren't there some people in the early 20th century who used radium as some sort of health boosting elixir?  I guess those scientists were pretty..... Oh wait, I just remembered!  They weren't scientists, they were alternative health quacks!

These quotations, which are presented as being established scientific positions, are anything but.  The links point to either misunderstandings of scientific research, or preliminary research that is not accepted by the scientific community.  The fact that people think that these are accepted scientific positions is sad and absurd.


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