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Criticism > Wednesday, 26 January 2011 12:27:16 EST

Another Round Of This?

Keywords: aliens, ancient alien theory

Tsoukalos announced on the 21st that the History channel has decided to order sixteen more episodes to make up season 3 of the Ancient Aliens series.  Its' scheduled to come out in late spring of 2011.  Wow!

Each time I do an analysis of the show it takes me several days of work just to cover all the claims made in one ten minute segment of the program.  Most of it is stuff that people just pulled out of thin air, but unlike Tsoukalos, I actually believe in due diligence and getting all my facts straight.

So, of course, they've got all these claims floating out there unanswered, and nobody on the other side has the time or resources to tackle them all one at a time.  I'm certainly not going to attempt to exhaustively analyze every single show in the series.  Just the one is enough of a handful!

And it's extremely funny when you hear that the History Channel has rejected a documentary about the Kenedy's because it was counter-factual.  Yep, that's a double standard alright!  But what do you expect?  More people are going to complain loudly when they lie about the Kenedies.  When Ancient Aliens comes on, we just grumble and make smart-ass comments.

Not that we should get angry and complain more loudly, that will just make us look like we've got a stick up our collective asses.  It's just disheartening to watch them continue to distort history willy nilly and get away with it scott free.


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