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I actually saw this

I actually saw this the other day and was so excited to read it! I hope I could get a chance to do so, sounds great!I di27;#8d1n&t know you were a Lynsay Sands fan! That’s pretty awesome
posted by Betsy at Wednesday, 20 July 2016 03:49:56 EST 3:49am

Re: Hm

Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by.

Please forgive me, but I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say in your comment. If you could be a little more specific, I'd very much appreciate it.

Which assumptions do you think they reached by looking at the walls? And which walls did they use to reach those conclusions? If you're talking about ancient hieroglyphs, I'm not aware of any that say anything about crystal skulls. However, if you know of any that you can bring to my attention, I would very much appreciate it.
posted by Dumbass at Wednesday, 23 February 2011 12:49:40 EST 12:49am


I was watching and they seem to make these assumptions from looking and researching what was written on the walls. Right? I mean can you analyze every part of our past history and say that its not something astronomical?
posted by MarylRankin at Wednesday, 23 February 2011 12:37:54 EST 12:37am

Floating stones

Hello, I just listened to your episode on the Conspiracy Skeptic. The whole ancient alien / advanced race topic is what eventually introduced me to skepticism, so I found your episode to be very interesting.

That quote you mentioned by "Georgio Sucalos" (Sorry, I'm sure I misspelled that) about the master builders being capable of moving stones by placing sheets under them and pushing them sounded familiar to something I had read once. After looking around, I am pretty sure a similar story was mentioned in Ian Lawton's book Giza: The Truth, but I don't have the book anymore. All I can find now are variations of the same paragraph, but here is one from's "The Ancient Secrets of Levitation":

"... there is an intriguing passage in a history text by the 10th century Arab historian, Abul Hasan Ali Al-Masudi, known as the Herodotus of the Arabs. Al-Masudi had traveled much of the known world in his day before settling in Egypt, and he had written a 30-volume history of the world. He too was struck by the magnificence of the Egyptian pyramids and wrote about how their great stone blocks were transported. First, he said, a "magic papyrus" (paper) was placed under the stone to be moved. Then the stone was struck with a metal rod that caused the stone to levitate and move along a path paved with stones and fenced on either side by metal poles. The stone would travel along the path, wrote Al-Masudi, for a distance of about 50 meters and then settle to the ground."

There's another variation that says the distance traveled was that of "one bow-shot". It might not be the same thing, but I just thought I'd offer up what I've heard on the subject of magical floating stones.

Also, it reminded me of another story (there's a theme of floating stones in those 'lost technology books'), where someone named "Dr Jarl" was invited to watch a band of Tibetan monks perform a ritual where they launched giant boulders at a cliff side by beating their drums.

Thanks for doing the podcast, I enjoyed it.
posted by Graeme at Tuesday, 4 January 2011 20:42:40 EST 8:42pm

Re: Untitled

Welcome to the website EspressoFrog and Giveitaday. You guys are noticing something that the ancient alien theorists do a lot, and that is taking any piece of hearsay as evidence without even bothering to figure out the context or veracity of any of it.

In my third article on ancient aliens, I looked at Tsoukalos' claims regarding the Kebra Nagast and the story of Ezekiel. What's pretty clear is that he picks out certain bits of the stories that conform to his theory, but completely ignores everything else in the stories that make no sense in view of his theory. When you try to actually fit those other bits into the story, the whole thing pretty thoroughly falls right apart.

By the way EspressoFrog, just a small correction: I actually asked for an irish cream drink like a Baileys. I'm not a beer drinker.
posted by Dumbass at Monday, 3 January 2011 09:36:33 EST 9:36am


So ok, the skulls are a key or a button to a computer just like in the video game Doom. So, where is the computer exactly? How does it work? Where should it be found?

Yeah it's the old "the lord works in mysterious ways". I've seen only ep1 of that darn series Ancient Aliens and each time Giorgio was on it was to deliver a killer argument like that one. I love how he explains how the stones of Machu Pichu were melted and glued on at the same time. The man isn't afraid of reality, is he?

Funny how the entire series Ancient Aliens is entirely done without ONE single archaeologist in it. How it's all about a guy who have released this book without writing a thesis first and presenting it to archaeologists too.
posted by Espressofrog at Monday, 3 January 2011 07:18:01 EST 7:18am


I just love how people like the idiot in the video speak as if they alone posses secret knowledge but can never present anything short of vague claims and assertion of facts, and when called on their lack of anything resembling evidence resort to claiming that we aren't "ready" for it, or that we are duped by the powers that want to keep such knowledge hidden.
posted by Giveitaday at Sunday, 2 January 2011 19:50:00 EST 7:50pm

Thanks for your presentation

Thanks for presenting your blog and podcast on Karl Mamer's. You have kept track of some episodes in Daniken's history that most UFO-archeologists want to see forgotten, like the time he got caught forging evidence. In view of the recent flood of nonsense found in the documentary Ancient Alien I was surprised that most of the evidence against was forgotten. I was looking for the name of that show where Daniken was caught red handed and you link to it in the show notes. Sweeeeet! In France, where I live, the skeptics have the other bit, the one showing how you end up with the Palenque Astronaut if you read murals in a completely absurd way and dismiss all the other murals found in the other temples. It's a text book classic that H. Broch (a bit like a french James Randi) uses in his presentations. Pseudo-archeology is a laugh, it's not just poor interpretation of some existing evidence it's also a freak show of completely forged evidence (the crystal skulls) and it will never cease to amaze me.

BTW: as per Karl's instruction, I owe you a beer. Hope I have an excuse to go see London, Ont. pretty soon.
posted by EspressoFrog at Sunday, 2 January 2011 12:48:41 EST 12:48am

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