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posted by amwoadv at Monday, 6 June 2016 10:37:45 EST 10:37am


Right on!
posted by Abby at Monday, 30 May 2011 14:44:10 EST 2:44pm


You are so right!
I only would disagree that science is the only tool for gaining knowledge. This is a philosophical position. Either personal experience, ideology, or even indoctrination leads one to this conclusion. Believing that science can eventually explain everything is a faith position.
The reverence for Darwin's book was a great example, since our understanding of evolution has advanced significantly. Darwin's story is especially compelling because his scientific endeavors are intertwined with his rejection of religion.The man was unable to reconcile the two, and apparently chose science over God. Many atheists have been down that road. Darwin reinforces their conclusion.
The skeptical theist is able to comfortly reconcile their position. To venture into the world of skepticism, one cannot avoid scrutinizing beliefs about God. We have no agenda to convert anyone.
I'm glad you brought this up because most of the skeptical community doesn't really care if theists are shunned away from critical-thinking. They don't want to bother to open that can of worms. Accomodationists are treated with scorn for watering down the message. Thanks for sticking your neck out!
posted by laursaurus at Monday, 30 May 2011 13:54:04 EST 1:54pm

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