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Re: Untitled

I'm all for performing well designed scientific tests... but I fail to see what benefit I would accomplish if I did as you suggested.

You say that my claims are untested, but I'm only making basic scientific claims that aren't under any doubt. It's a well known scientific fact that water causes food to decompose.

I don't believe that there's anything I need to prove here.
posted by Dumbass at Sunday, 15 August 2010 00:19:46 EST 12:19am


I appreciate what you're saying, but you're doing the same thing she is. You're making a claim without evidence to back it up.

You have the right idea, you've observed something, and you've made a prediction. Take the next step. get a happy meal and leave it out on your back porch, or somewhere that is exposed to the elements. Buy some health food and leave it on the porch next to the happy meal and make observations every day. You actually should buy several happy meals and leave them in different places and note any differences in their rate of decomposition, or lack thereof. Criticizing someone for setting up a faulty experiment and making claims you haven't tested yourself is almost as bad as making the false claims to begin with.
posted by at Sunday, 15 August 2010 00:12:51 EST 12:12am

Re: Untitled

Thanks for writing Anon,

I will admit that it's true that some foods will hold up differently under different conditions. Water content plays a huge part in that. So, in order to make those apple head dolls that I referenced, you need to make darn sure that those apples are kept in a dry condition.

Cooked hamburger patties, on the other hand, have had quite a lot of their water content removed by the cooking process. They will still decompose if they're left in a moist compost heap. But air moisture may not be enough to decompose them.

And just to be clear, I hope nobody takes anything said here as an endorsement of eating meat that's been sitting out for a week. There might be issues other than decomposition, and you're probably best off eating something else if you have the option.
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, 14 August 2010 22:13:17 EST 10:13pm


Your skepticism is sound - but if I may drop an anecdote:

When I was homeless when I was a young adult I lived in a camp alongside a freeway in a suburban California city. This was back when McDonald's still made burgers in huge batches and left them under heat lamps until someone ordered them.

The other homeless people in the camp and I used to go dumpster dive the nearby McDonald's because at the end of each shift or cycle they'd throw out all the unsold, pre-made sandwiches in huge trash bags. We'd take the sandwiches back to camp and store them in a large cardboard box to keep the rats and most of the flies off.

Those things stayed edible for over a week. In fact, the only thing that made them inedible was they became too difficult to chew when they dried up into hockey pucks.

They never grew mold. They never broke down, they just dehydrated. There were plenty of flies around and for the most part they just ignored the sandwiches.

Food and sandwiches from other sources would start decomposing almost immediately in this camp. Fruit, bread, whatever. I lived in a hot and fairly muggy part of California. Regular bread tended to go moldy fast even if you refrigerated it.

But the McDeathburgers? Never. Scariest damn food related thing I've ever seen and I've visited slaughterhouses and factory farms.
posted by Anon at Saturday, 14 August 2010 21:28:23 EST 9:28pm

Re: Ugggh

Absolutely! Morgan Spurlock is definitely a nut in this same vein! Somebody who doesn't understand science or how the body works takes it upon himself to conduct an experiment with absolutely no scientific validity and generates attention for himself because of it!

I wouldn't put down the intelligence of flies too quickly though. I'm pretty sure they're super intelligent creatures and they're plotting to take us over! Haven't you seen how they're always rubbing their forelimbs together?

I just know when they do that they're saying to themselves "Exxxxcellent.... the puny humans are playing right into our hand!!"
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, 20 March 2010 14:31:05 EST 2:31pm


This sounds like someone trying cash in on the crappy little unscientific experiment they did on Supersizeme.

I'm sure you saw this other "enlightening" observation:

"I think ants, mice and flies are smarter than people, because they weren’t fooled. They never touched the Happy Meal. Children shouldn’t either."
posted by Friend of Reason at Saturday, 20 March 2010 01:28:21 EST 1:28am

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