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Comments for Dumbass Podcast 17: Ghostly Weeping Bullets of DEATH


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posted by zhglemmc at Thursday, 3 September 2015 01:52:58 EST 1:52am

Couldn't Have Happened To A Nicer Guy.

Sorry to hear it, man.
posted by Doc Rotwang at Friday, 4 July 2014 03:36:07 EST 3:36am

Great... just great.
posted by Keovar at Thursday, 12 June 2014 21:31:15 EST 9:31pm


My god, please please delete the last comment I made. I'm just going to tell you that you are amazingly mature when it matters, hilariously immature when it doesn't, and I find your outlook on life truly admirable. Dumbass, I really mean that... And I am so sorry. Being your wife, she must have been an amazing and wonderful person.

So anyway, in the nonwoo figurative definition of the phrase (see dumbneko? NOT equivocation), my thoughts and condolences go out to you. Please continue releasing only if you find its what you want to do.
posted by Laced at Wednesday, 11 June 2014 23:52:41 EST 11:52pm

Doh! Double post

My bad, please delete one of the two copies of my post.

... And this one too.

Ps please post more episodes! I like sky monsters and irreverent skeptics and all... But DGTK is the best. I haven't reached the end of the episode though to hear why you've been unable to, but I'm sure the reason will be understandable. But from here on out.... Chop chop yaknow?
posted by Laced at Wednesday, 11 June 2014 23:18:32 EST 11:18pm


Dumbass you did a great job defending yourself on the episode, but I gotta say a lot of it wasn't totally necessary.

The comments you received from this guy, every single point, were ridiculous. His accusation that you committed the fallacy of equivocation was utterly incorrect. Like... Woefully incorrect. I'm actually surprised that someone who would be aware of logical fallacies could so apply the definition of one so wrongly. Your entire segment discussed the different possible definitions of "Literally". That's the exact opposite of equivocation! You acknowledged and discussed as nauseum the two possible definitions. How is that deceptively swapping definitions to fool the audience? You spent the whole time discussing that there's TWO WAYS to use the word. I'm literally flabbergasted that he was so unable to apply what he found on Wikipedia and somehow came to his conclusion.

Same with the etymological fallacyand you say he actually linked to the Wikipedia page in his comment? That's nuts! The original original definition of literally is what finicky OCD grammar nerds cite when they yell at people for using it for hyperbolic effect. THEY are committing the etymological fallacy. You argued persuasively that either use is okay as it is in common use both ways. That you additionally mentioned that the alternative definition's use isn't strictly modern was just a tobesure addition to your point. For dumbneck to call YOUR refutation of the etymological fallacy an instance of the etymological fallacy is utterly asinine.

And then the last line he commits a blatant straw manslippery slope by accusing you of wanting not to pick up trash in public parks and that you want to destroy the language.

It's so nuts I actually wondered if the feedback was real and not just someone trolling via Poe's law.
posted by Laced at Wednesday, 11 June 2014 23:13:22 EST 11:13pm


New to your forums. Glad your back though. But your portrait story sounds like a creepy pasta story. This is likely just a 10 year old story. I love the phycology of urban legends.
posted by Talksin at Friday, 30 May 2014 09:36:17 EST 9:36am

Love the cringing

You left be grinning the whole episode with the bad rap interludes. It's probably old, but you need to listen to why "Jesus Christ is my nigga"
This is the quintessential oldman, bad rap.
Hugs and kisses,
posted by Merari at Tuesday, 27 May 2014 17:19:45 EST 5:19pm

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