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Arcleits like this m

Arcleits like this make life so much simpler.
posted by Jase at Monday, 20 March 2017 08:46:57 EST 8:46am

Here's another thing

Here's another thing I didn't rbemmeer last week when I *did* hear about the state fair in Illinois, it was usually in the context of what bands were headlining on the stage at night. Here I get the impression it tends to be more about the fair itself, although to be fair I'm twenty years older now and hang out with arts & crafts geeks, so there's other shifts besides geography muddying the water.Nice catch on the URL it's definitely a symptom of what's going on here. [url=]pgclvjqjqmm[/url] [link=]niejyyhvmfb[/link]
posted by Brennan at Thursday, 29 October 2015 11:38:42 EST 11:38am

Eh, I think I was as

Eh, I think I was as up to date with the arts/crafts circuit when I lived in IL, <a href="">prbboaly</a> more so since my mom belonged to a few crafter groups, whereas I do most of my crafting sans group membership. I'm not sure that in particular is why we are more familiar with the IA fair. In Iowa, I see commercials, I hear people talking about it, I hear about it on the radio (both in commentator conversation and in commercials), it just is more places. Plus, I think IA gets bigger headliner names which helps draw people and boost advertizing. Apparently IL also has a butter cow. I don't hear people talking about it at all, much less with the same wonder and awe that accompany the annual Iowa discussion.
posted by Bruno at Tuesday, 27 October 2015 20:48:14 EST 8:48pm

, I did not try over

, I did not try overly hard.Producer: I grew up in Illinois, until last month, I had yet to meet annoye who could confirm that Illinois does have a state fair and that this person had actually attended. I think IL needs to do a much better job advertizing the fair, since I know a whole lot more about both Iowa's and Wisconsin's and I've never lived in Wisconsin.Olympic runner Lolo Jones was born in Iowa.Thanks for the thought and appreciation put into the BBQ sauce question. I understand that authentic BBQ is about the smokey cooking process, but I didn't know what else to call the sauce part. The bottle says BBQ Producer: Way to go on Couch to 5K. Where do I find more information? I was thinking it would be good if I was able to run a 5K [url=]ldoqroaplm[/url] [link=]adsmfg[/link]
posted by Nirwan at Monday, 26 October 2015 03:41:44 EST 3:41am

Do you watch SouthPa

Do you watch SouthPark? I do and they tell me Canada is to blame for all our problems. Wait . My last name is <a href="">gahuaretux</a> OMG my ancestors came from Canada. My head moves funny when I talk, and I don't know what this is abooot.
posted by Pat at Sunday, 25 October 2015 21:46:19 EST 9:46pm

it's the funniest an

it's the funniest anmtaied show I've seen in years.Vampiric podcast? That explains the slurping noise I've been hearing. Also, you can view the Buffy vs. Twilight image Tony mentioned .Also while Tony might want a Sad Keanu meme image for TMTH the owners the original photo that it is based on are known to send out DMCA notices over it. So maybe posting these isn't a good idea William wouldn't eat a turkey leg. It was totally Ezzie who took it.
posted by Jamie at Saturday, 24 October 2015 23:06:28 EST 11:06pm

Golden Flyer

In the topics (world wide) there exist creatures in nature commonly called flying fish. Look up photographs of such. Watch videos for the orientation of the tail. Flat to glide.

The fish is delicious. Maybe the object should be called the "Golden Fryer".

posted by dd3 at Sunday, 23 February 2014 22:25:52 EST 10:25pm

Re: Long Silence

Hey Rick!

Thanks for writing in, my apologies for not checking the comment board as much as I should have been.

I'm preparing my next episode, and yes I've been keeping up with Stuart Robbins' podcast and the little dispute he's got going on. I think it's really cool that he's actually catching these people's attention. I'm jealous. I'm pretty sure that Tsoukalos, for example, has no idea who I am
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, 6 October 2012 23:41:20 EST 11:41pm

Long Silence

Haven't heard from you in a long time! Did something come up? If you're looking to pursue the Ancient Aliens topic, Mike Bara is releasing a book soon: "Ancient Aliens on the Moon". He's already had a bit of a feud with Dr. Stuart Robbins, so your observations would be of help, at least to folks who think that the evidence for aliens on the Moon is overwhelming.
posted by RIck K at Wednesday, 26 September 2012 17:16:02 EST 5:16pm

On the Other Hand

Sir - I have been listening to your podcast and have just one comment'

I love You man. You brighten my day and I look forward to each one.
posted by Elphaba at Thursday, 28 June 2012 20:57:05 EST 8:57pm


I'd like to preface this by saying I don't think the Ancient Aliens hypothesis has any validity (indeed, I'm a podcast fan, 5 star rating on iTunes, the whole bit), so this comment is not coming from a position of antagonism...

While I quickly realized that you were calling yourself the "Dumbass" when I first started listening to the podcast, my first impression was indeed that the title was calling me, the listener, a dumbass (like the For Dummies books). Your comment of June 16 on this post seems to indicate that this is in some sense accurate. Was I mortally insulted? No, no more than I am by that series of books. However, I think it may be worth consideration that language is not merely an expression of one's ontology but also shapes it - how we speak and write about others can affect how we think about them even if it isn't on a conscious level. While you have a specific meaning of "dumbass" in mind, I suggest that the wider cultural meaning of the word as a pejorative probably is at some level still attached to it mentally for you. It's extremely hard to completely divorce language from its wider context and use it in a completely different way than is usually meant.

Also, even if it's not what you intended, it is how some interpret it and your meaning is getting garbled, at least temporarily. I think that whose fault this is is irrelevant if your goal is clear communication. Of course, it is unreasonable to expect you to anticipate every way a person might misinterpret your words, but when you are receiving a fair amount of feedback that your words are in fact being widely misinterpreted, I submit that the pragmatic thing to do is to consider a slight reword or explanation.
posted by k at Friday, 22 June 2012 12:20:27 EST 12:20am

Dumbass guide to...

I really don't see that the name of the caster and site implies that the 'subjects' of the articles are innately dumb. I can see that the name might imply that I or other readers or listeners are the 'Dumb-asses' of the title but in the same way I see 'Idiot' guides etc as implying that I am an idiot, its purely an opt in situation, in which I or others decide that we are just the right side of 'wise' or 'clever' to want to learn the basic or be taught a potentially complex issue in a simple and clear manner. DA - its good you reply and exorcise some of the erm.. negative posts but be careful that you don't fuel the fire or give air time to essentially mis-informed or possibly ignorant people.
posted by Adam Rodgers at Thursday, 21 June 2012 09:02:44 EST 9:02am

I'm Dumbass, You're Dumbass, We're all Dumbasses

Anyone who has listened 5 minutes to the podcast will see that the person of ridicule is the Dumbass himself which he so proudly introduces himself as such. It is also, I believe, a term of endearment to be used by all of us who search for knowledge and rational thought on a variety of topics and subjects. I for one am proud to call myself a dumbass.

As for the AA theory, never underestimate what man can do with thousands of laborers. A five ton block being pulled by 1000 men only requires each man to exert 10 lbs of force to move the block.
posted by spocahpanar at Sunday, 17 June 2012 01:10:39 EST 1:10am

Re: Untitled

Well, I have to admit that another meaning to the name is the fact that I consider us all to be dumbasses, just trying to do the best we can with all our human limitations.

So in that sense, I am calling my listeners and readers dumbasses, but it's not an insult. It would be a very strange thing if I were to make a blog to inform people, and for me to target that blog at an audience that I have absolutely no respect for and will insult at every opportunity.

I suppose there may be an audience for that, kind of like how people enjoy insult comedy. But you'd think if that were my intent I would be taking every opportunity to berate and insult my readers/listeners.

But the fact is that I never throw an insult and I'm always polite to anybody who writes in to me. So it still seems very, very strange to me that somebody could interpret the website name as an insult in itself. That just doesn't add up to me.

Like you said, does anybody really think the "Idiot's Guide" books are intended to be insults?

The only thing I can think is that if somebody just doesn't think it through, maybe then they might get the wrong impression. I guess there's always that danger. I'm just going to have to patiently explain myself to those people whenever that happens.
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, 16 June 2012 19:20:24 EST 7:20pm


Since I had known you as Dumbass, and emailed you as Dumbass, before you created your media empire, it never occurred to me that The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge would have another meaning. But now that it is pointed out, I DO see that it could. With all the "Idiots Guide to" books and stuff "for Dummies" books, directed at (nicely) idiots and dummies who purchase the books to learn something, it is possible that people might think your guide is meant FOR dumbasses to use to gain knowledge. I am in no way suggesting you change it, just answering your podcast question. It might put new listeners on the defensive. Perhaps an intro line to every show along the lines of "My Name is Dumbass, and this is my podcast" would make it more clear. Not everyone starts at the beginning of a podcast series.
posted by John Ellis at Saturday, 16 June 2012 15:33:36 EST 3:33pm

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