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Comments for Dumbass Podcast 10 - Ancient Aliens Part 5

PhD in Bullshitology

Mr. Dumbass, first I must thank you for acknowledging me in your ISM podcast. I feel like you really read what people have to say when they comment on your wall. It makes me feel so special and that we can perhaps be friends. We can can't we? Perhaps we can hang out sometime and I can show you my ancient alien artifacts collection. Oh I'm just kidding, I know you are probably to busy and important to hang out with the likes of me.

I also have to say that had I known you had an astrophysicist at your beck and call I would not have made those comments about rocks being fused together. Who would have known that you could just ask someone who is educated about the subject you are discussing to help get your information correct. I should really try this sometime.

Dumbass my friend, you make it seem so easy. Just how do you do it?

Your greatest fan; Georgie
posted by Georgie Tsoukalos at Saturday, 3 March 2012 05:28:40 EST 5:28am

My favorite Dumbass

Hey, Dumbass:

Thanks for the latest 'cast. I've caught up with your back-catalog, and await more episodes with eager anticipation.
Re: Issues of style: I enjoy your manner of speaking and the way you arrange your podcast. I advise you to trust your own sense of style and ignore those who would have you "improve" your podcast. Improvement may happen, but, please let it be YOUR improvement.

Love 'n' hugs,

Charles InSanDiego

PS: Tell Dr. Stewart I said "Hi".
posted by Charles InSanDiego at Saturday, 25 February 2012 03:23:32 EST 3:23am

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