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Tom Dineen

Tom Dineen Um, I admit I'm a lil on the hairy side, but DAMN THAT MO FO HAS SOME YETI LIKE FUR!!!!! just look at the shave line on his arm above the tatoo, I don't think his shirt even touches his skin!!!!
posted by Mazhar at Saturday, 24 October 2015 23:09:01 EST 11:09pm

Re: Re: Untitled

Oh, he certainly thinks modern diet and lifestyle choices are major issues (although not all of those issues have to do with health; some of them have more to do with the ethics of eating); but one thing he argues in In Defense of Food (I'm currently in the middle of it) is that a great deal of the traditional advice on eating healthy and eating to avoid things like heart disease is wrong and ineffective, which is where I see similarities in the arguments. Where they *aren't* similar, is, as you say, in the main theses - about whether what we eat affects us very much. You're opposite on that, but you both seem to agree that some/a lot of the common nutritional advice is wrong.
posted by Kathryn at Friday, 8 July 2011 23:03:48 EST 11:03pm

Re: Untitled

Hi Kathryn, thanks for writing in!

I'm surprised to hear somebody say that my opinions mesh so strongly with those of Michael Pollan. I had gotten the impression that he believes that modern diet and lifestyle choices really are major problems, which I don't agree with.

Perhaps I've gotten the wrong impression of what Mr. Pollan argues. I've got access to a copy of In Defense Of Food, and I've been thinking about reading through it just to see what he has to say. Maybe I'll make that more of a priority.
posted by Dumbass at Friday, 8 July 2011 20:08:13 EST 8:08pm


Couldn't agree more with you (I admit I skimmed, but this is definitely one I'll be coming back to read more thoroughly!). Have you read any of Michael Pollan's work, particularly In Defense of Food? Your arguments regarding the effect of lifestyle and diet on health, particularly heart disease, reminded me very strongly of his arguments (some of them may even be essentially identical).

(Oh and the CAPTCHA system has a problem; if I fail to enter it correctly, and then hit "return" when prompted, it should load a new captcha!)
posted by Kathryn at Friday, 8 July 2011 18:44:11 EST 6:44pm

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