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Online Listening Recommendations > Tuesday, 27 September 2011 08:33:57 EST

Want To Hear More Dumbass? I've Got A New Podcast!

I've just released the first episode of the Invisible Sky Monster podcast! 

Those of you who've been paying attention know that I've been looking for something to do with my domain.  Something that would highlight the small time players in the Skeptical community.  Well, this is it!

Of course, I'm going to keep doing the Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge.  But I wanted to also do something a little more social, where I get to actually interact with other people.  So I sent out feelers, and a number of people said they'd be willing to participate in this kind of chat with me.  So I got a couple of them together and made an episode.

Each episode I plan on chatting with 2 friends from the skeptical community about anything that's on our minds.  It's a lot less work than my other podcast so I should be able to get out episodes more often.

This episode I talk with religion critic Doug Delong, and gay rights advocate Infinite Monkey.

It's was fun.  I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Online Listening Recommendations > Sunday, 30 May 2010 20:11:50 EST

Podcast Recommendation: Irreligiosophy

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There's a lot of humour to be had in making fun of religious beliefs.  I came across this podcast, Irreligiosophy, a little over a month ago.  Two ex Mormons, Chuck and Leighton, discuss issues relating to religion, and explore the details of many different religious beliefs, all the while adding a healthy dose of ridicule towards everything.

They've got great on-air chemistry and are fun to listen to.  I mentioned the podcast to Doug Delong of the Planet Japan podcast, who I know loves to make fun of religion, and he found them entertaining enough to give them a mention on his show.

Of course, Doug has lately been mentioning on his show everything I casually tell him about.  I choose to believe that it's because I have interesting things to say, rather than that he's just desperate for material..... but in either case, I believe you can tell that his endorsement of Irreligiosophy was genuine.

So you can take it from me and fabled raconteur Doug Delong, along with his co-host Jennifer Edda, that this is a fun podcast.  Give Chuck and Leighton a listen!
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Online Listening Recommendations > Sunday, 30 May 2010 19:42:31 EST

Podcast Recommendation: The Reality Check

Keywords: link, Canada

I want to plug a great skeptical podcast by some fellow Canadians: The Reality Check.  This podcast is produced by the Ottawa Skeptics, a skeptical group over there in our nation's capital. 

It's a group style discussion podcast where each member prepares a talk on some issue for discussion.  They seem to have a lot of fun, and the deliberately awkward segues between segments are just great.

The show often starts out with a parody song on skeptical matters, which is also pretty fun.  A new episode comes out every Monday, and I highly recommend giving them a listen.
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Online Listening Recommendations > Thursday, 6 May 2010 00:43:08 EST

Podcast Recommendation: LSAT Logic In Everyday Life

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If you're interested in how logic applies to the contemporary arguments you hear daily, I highly recommend the Princeton Review podcast LSAT Logic In Everyday Life.

The episodes are very short and analyze the logical arguments related to current events.  Your host, Andrew Brody, treats the arguments from a dispassionate point of view, attempting to pick out their logical merits as though they were presented on the LSAT.

I love that the show's opening theme sounds like the beginning to some sham self-help tape, when the content of the podcast is anything but.

It's not just for people who are preparing for the LSAT.  If you have an interest in logic and breaking down and understanding arguments, you'll find this podcast very entertaining.
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