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posted by burberry coat at Wednesday, January-14-2015 05:44am

Better late than never

Entertainment factor? Dumbass, I thouroughly enjoyed your rant(s)! Validity? As long as there are two humans left in the world there will be different perspectives on just about everything. I watch Ancient Aliens for the snippets truely facinating stuff that comes through now and then. As far as the shows rhetoric, it's all bent to sell air time. It's amazing that the techonology ascribed to aliens always fits the decade the idea is formulated. (The Rukma Vimana craft, von Danikens space capsules, rockets) As far as aliens here? Why not? It's only humans that haven't figured out how to go faster than light yet. Anyway,.I'm leaning more towards a technologically advanced global civilization that was destroyed in antiquity. To the heh guy, your racial take on things is wholly justified. You nailed it on the head. The Aryan race truely thinks it's the premier race of the world. Idiots, no wonder the rest of the world hates them...
posted by why not at Thursday, July-26-2012 10:40am


Well that's good. I'm glad to see it.

Yes, I'd wager the same. I see what you mean. And in addition to that, it may take away from the conversation, to let your emotions taint what you're trying to communicate.

No, but I plan to, now that you'e told me of it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Indeed. As am I.
posted by Apollo Vancier at Thursday, July-26-2012 01:19am


Well that's good. I'm glad to see it.

Yes, I'd wager the same. I see what you mean. And in addition to that, it may take away from the conversation, to let your emotions taint what you're trying to communicate.

No, but I plan to, now that you'e told me of it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Indeed. As am I.
posted by Apollo Vancier at Thursday, July-26-2012 01:16am

RE: Finally Response

Hey Apollo,

The apostrophe thing should be fixed now. I've been revamping the code behind the website, and I noticed the problem after your post yesterday.

Regarding insults, the issue right here is kind of moot since Concern94 last posted 5 months ago and has shown no inclination to follow up. I doubt he'll ever see your response. But I would encourage you to avoid insults as much as possible. I find that they don't really add anything to the conversation.

Regarding the mercury gyroscope engine, have you already read my article on the supposed TR3B vehicle and the "government coverup"?


It's all really interesting stuff. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
posted by Dumbass at Thursday, July-26-2012 00:13am

RE Finally Response

My pleasure entirely. I am, after all, an ardent supporter of reason and the distribution of correct, unmarred knowledge.

I read the transcription. Don't think I feared your voice to be unpleasant; the device I am using runs a purely textual interface, and pushes the limits with certain lowres black and white scrolling graphics. I enjoyed the thoroughness of the cast and the attention to the listeners' experience, as in the length of the Podcasts. I also noticed your noinsult policy, which confirmed my suspicions. I'm sure you have noticed my more...lenient...inclinations. I chalk that up to my perception of a person and their ideas. To me, they can be virtually the same, or at least closely intertwined. Therefore an insult is closer to a caustically explained point in my written interactions. But perhaps a bit more experience in life will change that.

Since you mentioned interest in science and criticism, I will endeavor to inform you on a few things, whether you care or not. I actually found this thread while researching various electrical phenomenae, particularly that of a charged noble gas within an otherwise evacuated chamber. A neat example would be the plasma globe popularized in the 80's. I then retraced a thought I have had before: Does mercury display amazing properties when ionized due to it's unique material properties (namely, it's liquescence at room temp.)? And so I stumbled upon this thread, and subsequently the blog itself, and the very interesting exchange of ideas therein.

And a point of interest for you: So long as we are on the extraterrestrial subject, I have once heard of an interesting find by astronomers. Perhaps you have heard of it and perhaps you haven't. It is a hexagonal shaped storm on the north pole of Saturn, if I remember correctly. Now, this shape is rather rare in nature, and a nonexistent weather pattern by Earth's standards. Now, I realize this has nothing to do with ANCIENT aliens, and really doesn't belong here. And I by no means jam on the UFO ALERT! button. I just think that it is a unique occurrence of unknown origin (albeit I think magnetic or elemental forces are a bit more reasonable) and that the information may be of some use to you. Take it as you will.

NOTE: Apostrophes are seemingly unrecognized. I do know when to use them, believe it or not.

Apollo Vancier
posted by Apollo Vancier at Wednesday, July-25-2012 01:31am

Re Finally

Hi Apollo! Thanks for writing in. I really appreciate that you put in the time to respond to one of my critics.

You may be interested in listening to my podcast. It just so happened that I talked about concern94's comment in episode 10, which you can find at pod10.dumbassguide.info

If you don't feel like listening to my dumbass voice, the full transcript is right on the page. You can just do a page search for "concern94" to see what I said.

And feel free to check out all my other articles and podcasts about the Ancient Aliens show. It's great to have young people interested in science and critical thinking.
posted by Dumbass at Tuesday, July-24-2012 19:40pm


If only there were more intelligent people such as (ironically) Dumbass and myself. Your piece was excellent and I heartily encourage you to continue with your practice as an M.D. of Reality and Reason.

I am handling the response to concern94, and I do hope this is not too much of an intrusion on Mr. Dumbass\ position on this site.

In response to concern94:

I\m sure we all appreciate your input and I thank you for it.

Light travels faster than sound.
That is why some people appear
bright before they speak.

I am just going to run through what you have said, and I\m sure we will both see the sense in this. To start, yes, if a program has a few mistakes when they claim them to be true, the supposed validity of the rest of the untested facts comes into question, which bears upon my next point.

You state that Dumbass claims the entire show to be false. As I recall, the only statements issued were on certain researched facts. Hmm. Suggestive.

As for watching the show, Dumbass has only pointed out negatives. I\m sure he has a lot to say about the positives if he is a frequent viewer, or perhaps has only watched the episode for the sake of the review. I suggest thinking things through a bit more in the future, concern94.

If you really wanted to answer the question, \"Could it be possible?\" then you are in the wrong field of study. History is about finding out what EXACTLY happened, why, where, and when. Of course, the scientific nature of the program allows for the said question, but how are you supposed to know if it is possible without solid facts? Research. Think it over.

As to your rather vehement statement about Mr. Dumbass\ belief in extraterrestrial life, he has already stated clearly that his belief or nonbelief is dependent on fact. I recommend that you do the same, for your pride\s sake.

Out of the 30 percent or so of Americans that claim to have sighted a UFO, how many can describe the supposed vehicle in any detail? \"Therethere was these funny lookin\ lights! And...they moved! And they...um...they were flashin\ and it was real scary.\" Fun fact: All air vehicles in the United States\ airspace are equipped with flashing lights during nocturnal flight and generally move.

Interesting use of profanity. Anger is a virtue, after all.

Yes, everyone knows the government keeps things from us. But since you put in your argument anyways then you are obviously slow.

And this hightech footage was found where?

I would very much like to know what the alleged Mexican UFO turned out to be. Find out, and then talk to me. Until then, keep your mouth shut and save on noise pollution.

How can our government keep knowledge of extraterrestrial life from us, and yet be the last ones to know about it? Tip: Don\ defeat your own argument; the average person can do that for you.

Yes, you\ e right. It is an act, but a bad one. I can still tell you\ e unintelligent.

Apollo Vancier, pseudonymist
Aged 13
posted by Apollo Vancier at Tuesday, July-24-2012 02:13am

Re: mercury propulsion

Hey Rozie! I love that you're writing some fiction involving mercury gyroscopes! The theory makes wonderful technobabble for a science fiction story, and I would love to read your work when it comes out!

Thanks for the book suggestion! That sounds like a fascinating read!
posted by Dumbass at Wednesday, April-04-2012 23:36pm

mercury propulsion

So glad you wrote all these commentaries on the Ancient Aliens series. I know I'm late to the game, but I'm watching them through for the second time and decided to fact check each point... and was lucky enough to stumble across your blog early in my search.

I'm researching for a work of fiction and have come across the "mercury in a gyroscope" theory a couple times when people have tried to explain how UFOs work. There's a book called "Hitlers Flying Saucers" by Henry Stevens (what a great title, right?) - it goes into great detail about this and other UFO designs. And, of course, this book mentions how the 3rd Reich was very interested in the Vimana texts. Maybe you'd be interested in fact checking that book, next?
posted by Rozie at Tuesday, April-03-2012 19:00pm


your just a stubborn, ignorant indovidual arent you? if you look at the whole series by a few mistakes (possiblly typos) and say that its all fake and a lie, than why do you even watch ot? and there not saying "this is deffenetly what happened" there simply asking the question "could it be possible?" but people like you who are stuck on the 19th century still think that were alone? honestly?? 55 percent of americans have claimed to have seen a ufo or know someone personaly who has. so get with it! if your dumb ass doesnt see this giant dog and pony show the government puts on for americans every day because they think were a bunch of pussies and we cant handle the truth, thsn you obviously arent a good observer. the f***img mexican government filmed a ufo flying over there airspace with high tech, millitary standard cameras USED FOR IDENTIFYING AIRCRAFT, but guess what, they didnt know what the f*** it was! and now peice by peice, document by document, countries all over the world are slowly releasing more and more information to the public and encouraging the US to do the same but our govenment wants to be the last ones to have no idea.
its all just an act
posted by concern94 at Friday, February-17-2012 00:14am


I come here from a link from TvTropes.

Heh, being a south east Asian, I'm not trying to be racist but I know how some westerners always think that because certain tribes/civilizations looks primitive, they can't believe when those civilizations build fantastic architectures/monuments. They then simply saying stuff like "Aliens made it! there's no way some barbarians with no shirt on able to create this kind of structures!"

Really, look at the Pyramid, look at the Incan building, look at Borobudur. They are build by hand, slowly but surely. They (the builder) know mathematics and geometry (surprising right?) well enough to build well carved structures.

Heck, look at stone axe made by Papuan, it's (very) smooth and well polished. Meanwhile they wore mostly pants or dried fruit to cover their genital.

Do I sound angry? yep, maybe because of some bitterness after reading about my country history, conquered by some westerners thinking that we need to be civilized meanwhile they are busy plundering our wealth and forcing our people to plant some spices while calling us a bunch of goats.

We are free now, but sometimes it is bitter to see how some western world people gloat about how rich and advanced they are while most of it come from looted treasures and knowledge from other countries....

Sorry for bursting out in anger, but sometimes I want to slap those alien conspiracy theorists hard and spit on their face. Once again I'm sorry.
posted by The heh guy at Saturday, December-03-2011 20:21pm


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posted by Pizzeria at Friday, November-11-2011 07:26am

Watched this show on netflix...

We can all sit here and generalize the Bible or any book ever written based upon the fact that man translated and described it. We are flawed in nature, and basically ruin everything we touch. Based upon your explanations of the events in this movie, even though you promoted them in a humorous fashion, I can conclude that you denounce any possibility of something existing that you know nothing about. The gyroscope and mercury combination could have been used in a more magnetic way, electromagnets refusing gravity seems logical. They do it on your refrigerator. The point of the movie is to prove that we might not be as technologically advanced as we thought. Lets be honest, the USA is not the smartest country, but we do control the better part of the world. Maybe the scientists back then were slaughtered for any sort of advancement. Yes, they overplayed many of the connections and discoveries and tied them together. You and I both know that TV is not about education anymore, it's about entertainment. I found this documentary entertaining as it was ENTERTAINING the idea of infinite possibility. :)
posted by TrueBeliever at Wednesday, October-26-2011 00:33am

Must read this page

To all the guys interested in this topic and most importantly the author of this article should read this

posted by Balaji B at Wednesday, October-05-2011 15:35pm


Just wondering if you have heard of the manuscript found in Lhasa, Tibet by the Chinese. It dates back to the 4th Century BCE and supposedly contains directions for how to achieve anti-gravity, among other things.
posted by G at Wednesday, October-05-2011 15:09pm


Hey, I think you're funny. I had some of same thoughts watching this and like seeing your sarcastic take on it. I was trying to find info on this mercury gyroscope thing. They also said foo fighters were made like this on history channel. Heck, forget all the speculation. I'll go out and build one in my work shop, even if I can find grasping staws rational that it could work.
PS: My ten year old bought home a picture she drew of a strange flying machine with her smiling out the window. Do you think that maybe she could've been... VISITED?
posted by Ben at Wednesday, September-14-2011 10:19am

Re: Way late to the party

Hi Hikari, thanks for stopping by.

I would love to see these cave paintings of lights in the sky moving at extreme speeds. If you can show me the images that you're talking about then we can have a look and I think it would make for a really interesting discussion.

The thing about my take on this whole topic is that I'm not claiming that it's impossible that aliens visited us in our ancient past. I personally doubt that they did, but my personal feelings are kind of beside the point.

My purpose in writing these articles is to hold the claims of the Ancient Alien theorists up to scrutiny, and it turns out that the things they're claiming are just pure nonsense.

Of course, that doesn't mean that aliens *didn't* visit us in our ancient past, and I will personally be very excited if we discover that there were some verifiable visitations. But even if that were the case, I would still argue against anybody who promoted the position through the use of nonsense.

So as to your premise that aliens *could* have visited us, and that stories of gods from the heavens *may* represent those tales told through the generations - sure, why not? I'm all for wild and wonderful speculation that's not based on any real evidence. Speculation like this is wonderfully fun, even if I don't believe that it's true.

It just shouldn't be taken too seriously. When somebody does take it too seriously and claims to have evidence, then I think that evidence is fair game for scrutiny and criticism.
posted by Dumbass at Wednesday, August-24-2011 21:54pm

Way late to the party

Hey, just came across this blog after doing my research, and yea I do partially agree with you. But it seems from a neutral standpoint that you completely will use any reason whether or not its stupid or logical to blast these theories just as much as ancient astronauts will stretch and dig in into the what if cabinet based on historical and archaeological finds. Now I am very open to stuff based on logic and a little imagination because no one knows the full truth, it would be completely ignorant to say you know all of it. I am also going to say that its hard to seperate the bulls*** evidence from actual evidence that these theories are based from. But if you look past the stretches that these extremists have made, is it so hard to believe that this could have happen. That we might have been visited by other races from different worlds.

If we go down to the very core of these theories, we have cave paintings all around the world that depict people coming from the sky or lights in the sky moving in patterns and extreme speeds. We have sightings of these kinds of things from all over the world, and all over time periods. And the very basis of these sightings are people coming from the sky and flying things. Of course if we cant explain something Humans tend to use their imaginations to stretch the truth.

Lets say you did see an alien space craft, and at the time you didn't have any cameras without you. Whats the first thing you would do when you go back to civilization. You would tell people of what you saw, and you would draw it. Replace you self in this situation with a person thousands of years ago, and basically the only change if that instead of drawing it on paper you would draw on a rock on something.
posted by hikari33 at Wednesday, August-24-2011 21:30pm

Re: To the author

Well, the thing about languages is that the natural tendency is for them to change over time. Linguists studying cultures without a written language have found that those languages mutate even faster. Often very significant changes in the language can be seen in a single generation.

Regarding your example of the last speaker of the Bo language, I think that the people who wrote that article misspoke. I've looked up other articles on the subject, and they all say that it was the Bo tribe who were thought to be 65,000 years old, not the language.

And regarding those documents that you've said to be 15,000 years old, do you think that could possibly just be a mistake? Historians have dated the oldest Sanskrit documents to between 1,500 and 1,700 BCE. Is it possible that somebody saw the 1,500 number, accidentally added a zero, and then accidentally said "years ago" instead of "BCE"?
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, August-06-2011 23:50pm

To the author

As I spoke earlier about misinformation, there seems to be a lot from uncredited sources on the internet so I'm happy to sift through the books I have read and give you book titles and excerpts backing my claims, but it will take me some time so bare with me.

In the meanwhile some food for thought....

India has been invaded countless times in the past by many invaders, Muslims, Christians, Persians, Greeks, the list goes on. Each new empire burnt scriptures, demolished temples and generally imposed their own mark on the country by attempting to rewrite history. One important point is Hindus cremate their dead, so who is to say how old their people are and how long they have been around for, including any languages.
Is a language only considered older than another if it was written down first? Many languages only spoken orally, which are older than written languages still exist today

"You say that Sanskrit is far older than the narrator's claim of 6,000 BC. If that's true, it would be amazing because no other language has lasted that long. So if you have any evidence to support this claim, then please provide it. "

To your earlier response, here is what I found from a very quick internet search

posted by Adam at Saturday, August-06-2011 21:35pm

Re: To the author

Hey Adam,

I would be interested to hear of these Sanskrit texts that have been dated by the Indian Archaeological Society to be over 15,000 years old. I've looked, but I can't find a single one. Please let me know exactly what you're referring to.

I'm also not sure where you're getting the "minimum of 7,500 years old" age for Adam's Bridge. Even those who argue that this was a man made bridge built by Lord Hanuman's monkey army, as described in the Ramayana, agree that the bridge is about 3,500 years old. And even if the bridge was several times older than that, I don't see how that would have any impact on the age of the Ramayana document itself.

I'm unable to find any dispute anywhere regarding the fact that the original Sanskrit version of the Ramayana, known as the Valmiki Ramayana, dates to somewhere around 300 to 500 BCE.

If you know of any concrete information that dates the Sanskrit language to further back than around 1,500 BCE, then please share it.
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, August-06-2011 13:27pm

To the author

Like I said, please do your own studies on the three languages I mentioned and it becomes very apparent. Also many scriptures have been dated by the Indian Archaeological Society to be more than 15000 years old, written in Sanskrit. Look at 'Adams Bridge' which was written about in the Ramayana (once thought to be a myth) and is a minimum of 7500 years old. The entire worlds media is western controlled, with USA being a massive hot pot of misinformation, so sometimes for the truth, you have to have to scratch the surface a little harder.
posted by Adam at Saturday, August-06-2011 08:49am

Re: To the author

Hey Adam, thanks for writing in.

You seem to be making a lot of claims without backing anything up.

You say that Sanskrit is far older than the narrator's claim of 6,000 BC. If that's true, it would be amazing because no other language has lasted that long. So if you have any evidence to support this claim, then please provide it.

I will gladly admit that I am 100% wrong on any point where you show me that the evidence doesn't match up with what I've said.

This is your chance to get me to eat my words, so lay it on me!
posted by Dumbass at Friday, July-22-2011 21:09pm

To the author

To Mr Dumb Ass, you seem to be so full of hate, and extremely close minded. As ridiculous as it is for you to believe in these things, it is just as ridiculous to me that you only believe what modern day historians have told us to believe.
To your point on Sanskrit not being as old as the narrator says, if you had actually studied Sanskrit, as well as Greek and Latin, you would find it is far more advanced and complex than the latter two. The majority of the planet speak languages derived from Sanskrit. (I will let you do your own research as you seem to be an expert) According to your 'research' this is not possible because it has to be a recent language. You are correct, the narrator is wrong, it is in fact much older.
Many of the scientific subjects discussed in the Vedas would have been too advanced even 50 years ago , yet many 'modern' technologies we use today and concepts still too advanced for present day society, are discussed within the Vedas and other 'myths'.
I won't go into all the discrepancies within your analysis as your negativity might upset my chi, which you will tell me doesn't exist.
However the passion behind your analysis is encouraging, and I hope others will follow your lead on not taking everything at face value.
Try researching without bias and you will find that you don't always get the answers you so adamantly are looking for.
posted by Adam at Friday, July-22-2011 16:42pm

Re: 6000 years ago different from 6000BCE

Hello Heiryonanomous, thanks for writing in.

There's one very simple way that we can settle the issue of what the narrator said. Click on the "Podcast" category on the right, then scroll down to my 4th podcast. Download the episode and forward to 13:08. I recorded the quote directly from the episode itself, and the narrator clearly says 6,000 BC.

But even if you were right, it still doesn't work out. 6,000 years ago is 4,000 BCE, not 3,000 BCE. And you're a little confused about that as well, because in 3,000 BCE the Sanskrit language still had not been developed. As I mentioned, in 3,000 BCE they were speaking what linguists call "Proto-Indo-Iranian". Our oldest recorded use of Sanskrit dates back only to about 1,700 BCE.

So no matter how we slice or dice this, the claims just don't add up.
posted by Dumbass at Wednesday, June-22-2011 06:41am

6000 years ago different from 6000BCE

I know I'm late to this party. Just starting watching this show on Netflix Instant... I'm enjoying your counterpoints. However, you spend a lot of time debunking a strawman it seems. I only watched the show once, so I could be mistaken, but I'm almost positive the narrator says 6000 years ago, not 6000 BCE, which would put it at 3000 BCE, just where you date the Sanskrit language.
posted by Heiryonanomous at Saturday, June-11-2011 21:27pm

Re: Untitled

Hi Arkhady,

It's always great to see people who actually bother to look things up and verify facts for themselves. If you come across any interesting bits of information that I haven't mentioned in any of my articles (just click the "Ancient Aliens Theory" keword at the top of any article on the subject), I'd love to hear about it.

You can comment here or send me an email, there's a link to my address in the menu at the top of the webpage.

Thanks for stopping by!
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, June-04-2011 11:05am


Thanks, this saved me alot of digging. I still will research further as I hope all will yet this information has shown a very bright light onto the muddled darkness. I look forward to further writings.
posted by Arkhady at Saturday, June-04-2011 07:44am

Re: Any More?

By the way, in response to the question "Any More?", if you go to the main article here and click on the keyword "ancient alien theory", you'll see a list of all the articles I've written so far about ancient aliens.
posted by Dumbass at Friday, October-22-2010 02:17am

Re: Any More?

I haven't covered those claims yet. The thing about these claims about ancient aliens is that there are so many of them, and quite a lot of them are along the lines of "I don't see how they could have done that... therefore... ALIENS!"

The thing is, tackling these claims is fun, and I really enjoy doing it... but it's really not necessary to go into detail to show that these kinds of claims are inadequate. Saying "I can't explain it, therefore it must be done by aliens" is an invalid argument. You might as well say "I can't explain it, therefore it must be done by an advanced race of subterranean molemen". Either would fit equally well.

What you need in order to show ancient aliens is positive evidence, like actual records from ancient times talking about aliens. Not just stories about the gods, but actual records of alien encounters. Things like that.
posted by Dumbass at Friday, October-22-2010 02:15am

to God statements

why is it always assumed that God and aliens cant coexist. whose to say the aliens and angels aren't one in the same. just different generations gave them different title when encountered. In both senses they are life forms from beyond this world, hence extraterrestrial lifeforms.
posted by Just me at Friday, October-22-2010 01:31am

Any More?

Do you have any alternate explinations on the extremely precise stone work and novia scotia money pit? They seemed really convincing to me. but im no scientist.
posted by Just ME at Friday, October-22-2010 01:25am

Re: God

Well Mr. Anonymous... you're kind of asking a completely different question than the one that I've been talking about here.

Whether aliens exist or not is one thing. Whether they've come and visited us in the distant past to construct something like the Shakuna Vimana is another question altogether.

I'm not sure how the question of whether I believe in God is relevant to anything I've written here. If you have any criticism of any of the facts or arguments that I actually made, I'd love to hear it.
posted by Dumbass at Tuesday, August-31-2010 16:22pm


Awe come on. Do you believe in other wordly lifeforms,or do you think that humans are all alone in a universe with more galaxys and planets than grains of sand on earth. Now that's laughable, I know I bet your a god believer. If you think were alone what a miniscule mind you must have. I know ask god for a answer.
posted by Anonymus at Tuesday, August-31-2010 09:13am


Seriously? This is outta control.. All you need is electricity, mercury, some gyroscopes and the intelligence to put it together and you have a flying machine?? I love how they use a Jewish guy with screwed up hair to get us to believe the "stupid" if he is Jewish he must know what he is talking about. This guy is weak minded and probably never got all the way home from school with his underwear still in his pants! NASA what's your problem? Get these materials and you'll save millions....

History channel you are a joke!!!! :wall:
posted by Troy at Sunday, August-08-2010 15:41pm

Re: Watching this show right now

It's definitely fascinating stuff. I remember running across a mention of that 60's patent when I was doing my research. I didn't really look into it because it didn't seem to be in any way related to the claims that were made on the show.

If this patent is what they're using to support the miraculous nature of gyroscopes, then they're just making stuff up out of thin air.

But then, a lot of this stuff seems to be just pulled out of thin air, so I guess that wouldn't be too surprising.
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, May-22-2010 20:20pm

Watching this show right now

I was watching the show when I found your post. I read these books when I was a teenager and was fascinated. But, I agree...it is all too easy to stretch a historical fact or archeological mystery to fit one's fantastical "theories".

I was also interested in the Gyroscope in Mercury idea so I did some searching and found a patent from the early 60's where a mercury gyroscope is used to measure the angular velocity of rockets and jets. You would think that if some magical combination of these common items and concepts would create anti-gravity, then they would have discovered it.

posted by Bubba at Saturday, May-22-2010 17:43pm

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