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Or many people have

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posted by Carin at Sunday, July-05-2015 21:58pm

When I moved into my

When I moved into my last appartment (in California) I was<a href="http://abakrdghm.com"> srnuourded</a> by strawberry and artichoke fields. They built houses and a school on them. You can tell the areas in Irvine that used to be farm land and where the grazing land used to be based on the trees.Annoying to think we're building stupid, too-close-together, houses on soil good for GROWING FOOD On the subject of futures, it's pretty amusing. When you buy Futures, you're buying the right to buy a certain amount of corn for a certain price. Buying the future, locks in the price. So you're trying to lock in the price low and sell those futures later when the price goes up.You just have to remember to sell those futures before delivery day. Otherwise, you'll make what you think is a pedestrian investment in agriculture but later you'll get a call asking where you want your corn delivered.
posted by Budi at Saturday, July-04-2015 01:49am

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posted by Kindsey at Thursday, July-02-2015 03:27am

Interestingly enough

Interestingly enough: the last ramnotic date I went on in Iowa City was to Brown Bottle, and there was a prom group there at the same time, so yes, prom kids go to Brown Bottle. I appreciated the sentiment of going out to a nice dinner, but Brown Bottle itself is not near the top of my list for ramnotic locales. I've been to 126 twice, but both times as a group, not as a date, and found the service to be uncomfortably slow (more than 45 minutes to come by to take an order and another hour to bring the food, then another hour to bring the checks (despite our asking for them before/as the food arrived). The food was fine, but not spectacular, and price was moderately high, and those factors have so far turned me off from trying it again as a date place. I have wondered if Joesph's was worth the hype, I think I'll suggest there for our next big date. We tried Giovanni's a couple months ago, the food was alright, but it was a little pricy, and it was so loud that we couldn't carry on a conversation. Devotay was ok, but also took a long time to take our order and bring our food, particularly since the only other people there was one party of 3. (As I reread my comments, it sounds like I'm a particularly stuck up diner, I don't *think* that's the case, I just think that if I'm going to spend more than $50/person on a meal, the food, atmosphere and service should be of the quality and type I cannot get at a restaurant where I pay less than $20/meal.)We also really like Konomi, by the Marriott for date night. Most of the time we have been, we've had a tepenyaki table (and sometimes the whole room) to ourselves.As for The Cove in Tipton, a friend of mine's grandparents used to own it. I'm not sure how long ago they stopped owning it (the 2004-05 range rings a bell). I think it was closed before the flood. I'm supposed to be meeting up with this friend later this week, I'll try to follow up and get the real story.
posted by Amit at Tuesday, June-30-2015 16:16pm

North poles THE WANDERER

Use http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/data/poles/NP.xy and check out the locations of the magnetic north pole on Google earth.
posted by blind wanderer at Tuesday, June-05-2012 21:14pm

Alien? or Born-Again Christian?

Look at the test through the lens of evangelical Christianity, or fundamentalist Islam . . . heck, even the mainstream versions of either.

Does this mean religious people are aliens? :think:
posted by Mike D at Saturday, July-16-2011 23:20pm

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