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Re: Thinking about it more.

Hey Chris (Fellow Skeptic),

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I'm always open to criticism though, so if you thought I was a little harsh then feel free to let me know in what way do you think I went too hard on the theory.
posted by Dumbass at Thursday, July-28-2011 16:12pm

Thinking about it more.

I am completely open to the idea of the ancient alien theory...I think as a race, humanity does not know very much comparative to what is out there...so it is completely possible.

Unfortunately we are in a religiously based world, where people have their spiritual believes spoon fed to them by a pastor, minister, etc...and are not open minded to skeptical thinking.

People who ask why or how and want answers are thought of as crazy, and get the..."because its in the book, thats why"...a book that was written by man and edited by man many times before it got to us.

Either way I think Dumbass is a little too harsh on the show...but I enjoy the perspective.

As far as UFO's...who knows, could be aliens, could be swamp gas (haha) could be an airplane, could be government testing..

We will never know until they (alien/gov) tell us...

You never know, the idea of cargo cults are really really interesting....and supports this theory fully....its all in your technological frame of reference at the time of the encounter...

Looking forward to the next season which premieres tonight!
posted by Chris (Fellow Skeptic) at Thursday, July-28-2011 13:26pm

Re: Untitled

Hey Melly, thanks for dropping by.

I want to quickly tackle your question of whether people who see UFO's are nuts before anything else. I'll put this in it's own post and answer your other questions later because this is a completely different question than the one about evidence for visitations in our distant past.

No, I don't think that people who see UFO's are nuts. But I think we should remember what the U stands for. When these cases are investigated, something like 90% of them turn out to have mundane, everyday explanations. The other 10% are only unexplained because it's really hard to investigate something when you've only got an eyewitness description and nothing else.

We know that people can very easily mistake what they see, and misremember details. And we know that people very often mistake normal, mundane things for alien space craft. People who see these things aren't nuts. I've seen lights in the sky that I didn't know what they were as well.

But a sighting like that isn't evidence of anything. All it tells us is that something happened, but we don't know what. It was probably something ordinary that we didn't think of. That's all.

It's human nature to mistake what they see and misremember things. It happens all the time, and it's not a sign of being crazy.
posted by Dumbass at Saturday, July-16-2011 15:10pm


Chris and Dumbass, what do you make of all the countless UFO sightings around the world? Sure some of those sightings can be explained by natural phenomena like chinese lanterns, however, not all can be explained. So are these people just nuts? I suppose both me and my hubby shared a psychosis when we witnessed dozens of UFOs above our house that magically vanished into thin air. I've always found it amusing that UFO/alien believers, witnesses, & especially abductees are treated like they are nuts, but the religious who claim to see or hear God, Angels, etc., are somehow the sane ones. The belief in the supernatural is more sane than the belief in the natural?

I certainly know that not ALL of what AA says is valid, and I make it a point to try and research the points they bring up on my own. However, you really seem to be trying to make fun of the AA team every chance you get, which to me, makes your points a lot less valid.

I don't think people or AA are assuming that humans during biblical times were stupid. Did you ever see the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy?" That movie is a perfect example to compare what it would have been like if people 2k years ago saw a UFO. They would have NO idea what to make of it. They didn't regularly see airplanes like we do to compare it to. So just like in that movie, where a coke bottle became the cornerstone of their religion, AA is postulating that perhaps the major religions were influenced by aliens, not gods & angels. They mistakenly believed these visiting aliens (or perhaps time-travelling humans, we don't know) were Gods, because they had the ability to fly around in machines, perhaps they even had jet packs and flew around in those too.

I don't think that AA puts stuff out there and says "ok what we are saying is a FACT," they are saying that MAYBE this is how it really happened. They are looking for answers to what they believe in, and when you see a UFO for yourself you might just understand what it is all about.
posted by Melly at Saturday, July-16-2011 14:57pm


As an archaeologist, I just want to say how much I appreciate the work you put into the podcast (and blog). That Ancient Astronauts show has become the bane of my life. It's becoming difficult to go outside without being cornered by some History Channel devotee and ending up getting roundly berated for being a tool in suppressing ancient knowledge in order to prop up my lavish grant-funded lifestyle.
I haven't watched the show. I tried, but I can't do it, I just can't--I thought I was going throw my remote through the TV. So your heavy lifting here and the detailed takedowns are greatly appreciated. I had no idea what the Vaimanika Shastra is (which is understandable since it is a 20th c. document) but now I do. I am sure I speak for the rest of the International Archaeological Conspiracy™ when I say keep it up.
posted by Apxeo at Thursday, July-07-2011 00:14am

Re: ....

Hey Jon,

I think that if you take a look at all of my articles on Ancient Aliens, you'll see that I'm not just cherry picking the details that I want to cover. I'm covering every single claim chronologically, from the first claim forward.

Each of my segments deals extensively with one segment of the program, and I look at every single claim made in that segment. I've already written an article covering the claims made about Puma Punku, and I've covered moving stones over 100 tons.

There's nothing beyond human capability about doing any of these things in ancient times, they just took longer than we're willing to today.

If you're interested in finding out what I've said about these issues, just click on the "ancient alien theory" keyword at the top of any article where I've discussed these issues. Look for my articles "The Evidence For Ancient Stone Cutting" and "The Evidence For Advanced Ancient Construction"
posted by Dumbass at Wednesday, June-22-2011 11:42am


Can you explain Puma Punku? How were these people able to make the most detailed of cuts and drill holes into stones made of diorite and granite(only diamond is able to cut these)? There were some stones weighing over 100 tons so how were those moved? You seem to have only picked out the parts in the show that many other people have covered and made claims to oppose possible ETs but you leave alot of parts out.
posted by Jon at Wednesday, June-22-2011 09:33am

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

It is a fantastically romantic idea that we were created by some Jonny Apple Seeds from a neighboring galaxy.

The idea seems plausible...I mean with all the angelical visitations in the bible, where people descend from the sky.

Totally plausible...but until I see ET in my backyard im not gonna buy it..

of Course there is another school of though about this...That the Government is behind it all. Secretly making flying saucers so that one day they can scare the hell out of us, tell us its aliens and we unite and become puddy to the ruling group. so Ancient aliens is all a disinfo camapign....man people read into stuff a lot :-)

I Enjoy the podcast, keep it up :-)
posted by Fellow Skeptic at Tuesday, June-07-2011 15:18pm

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