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Website Recommendations > Saturday, February-06-2010

Test Your Literacy

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In an earlier post, I talked about prose literacy and how it was being defined in order to derive an alarming statistic about the state of literacy in Canada.

I thought that some of you might like to take the test yourself.  You may do so at the following website:


My main disappointment regarding this test was that it didn't tell me what questions I got wrong.  I was very confident in almost all of my answers, but I only got 100% in one small sub category "use of pattern and relationships -> calculate -> formulae".

It would be nice if the way the tests were scored was transparent and available online.  Perhaps the information is available on request.

If anybody's interested, I scored a level 4 in prose literacy.  In document literacy, I scored in level 3, and in numeracy, I scored in level 5.

I was supplied with a bewildering array of results from numerous sub-categories, which must have been a labour intensive undertaking to design and program.  I have my doubts about how much these tiny slices of meaning can possibly tell me about myself and my abilities.  But over all I'm sure the test gives at least a rough idea of a person's literacy level.

Take the test yourself and let me know what you think.

Website Recommendations > Saturday, January-09-2010

Online Viewing Recommendation: Scientific American Frontiers

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I want to make a recommendation here for everybody who enjoys good documentary programs and learning new things.  PBS was one of the first to take advantage of the Internet and release it's programs for free viewing directly from your browser.

I discovered a few years ago that seasons 1 - 15 of Scientific American Frontiers are available for free viewing on the PBS website:


It's really a great resource and a great way to waste time online.  Alan Alda's a terrific host, I'm more a fan of his work here than anything else he's done. 

I highly recommend the episode "Games Machines Play".


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